Scientific projects

Southern regions (Patagonia, Antarctica and Southern Islands: South Georgia, Falklands, Sandwich, etc..), Our sailing area, represent a particularly rich environment for science (oceanography, geology, climatology and meteorology, marine biology or ornithology ).

To help them conduct their research, we make our boat available to them. Podorange serve as a mobile logistics base. It will include research and data collection in the field of oceanography and study of marine currents in particular, data concerning the Southern regions are still very limited.

The first mission is planned in partnership with IFREMER, within the European project CORIOLIS: it will collect various data (temperature, pressure, salinity, CO2) to establish a global map of ocean currents forecasts and climate variations.
The exploration of remote locations that only allows the sailboat to achieve : Researchers can then conduct their own research: eg sampling, counting birds, studies of marine life.

For researchers, our "Voile Australe Nature” offers two advantages :

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