No need to be in love with the sea or sailing enthusiasts to embark on our boat: What we'll discover, it is primarily the wild beauty of the Southern regions, still preserved the richness of their environment, and some travelling spirit, which combines curiosity, friendliness, respect and sharing.

The trips that we offer do not require any particular level (sailing, walking). They are divided between short sailing trips (usually in the morning) and walks or hikes in the afternoon. Only expeditions in Antarctica and South Georgia require a certain physical condition, minimal sailing experience (several days sailing non-stop) and good resistance to cold

If you love walking, wild landscapes, the feeling side of the world, you will be conquered.


Cape Horn and Patagonia Channels (17 days)

The "Classic" stay in Tierra del Fuego to double Cape Horn under sail and surf channels in the heart of Patagonia. A unique cruise  between sea and mountains.

Antarctic Peninsula (27 days)

The exceptional handy : Antarctica. Desert and protected area, the white continent opens  visitors as another world. Its inhabitants? Whales, orcas, penguins and other sea lions.

South Georgia (35 days)

The cruise "adventure". Old Whaling Station, South Georgia, small island unknown to the South Atlantic Ocean, has to be deserved. 5 to 6 days at sea since the Falklands to discover this amazing icy mountain, paradise of marine life and Southern.

And many more other circuits...

Theme cruises on request

For those who like mountains, animals, photos or diving, we can arrange, on request, a theme cruise, embarking in a "specialist" in the subject concerned.

For more information or to organize custom trips, contact-us!