Association "La mer en soliDaire" Solidar' at sea

« La mer en solidaire » has been created  to make navigating on Podorange  helpful and supportive.

First objective: to adapt Podorange so that disabled people can sail with us. Podorange is a former racing boat. This is not the most suitable boat for people with reduced mobility. But there are many solutions that will enable us to make the boat more comfortable for them. Warning: We do not claim to make the boat 100% accessible for disabled persons - ie  they are completely self on the boat. This is not our goal. Our aim is to navigate with solidarity, which implies helping each others.

Second objective: to conduct an annual cruise or ocean navigation, with a crew mixing disabled / valid person ". The goal: to give everyone the opportunity to "cast off" and change the look on disability.
In September 2009, we will conduct the project "Une transat en soliDaire."

La mer en soliDaire