Voile Australe

Voile Autrale organizes and conducts expeditions and cruises on board a 20 meters long yacht that can accommodate up to a crew of 10.  Cruises take place mainly in Southern and polar regions (Patagonia, Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica), but also in more temperate regions (Argentina, Brazil and Chile) during the southern hemisphere’s  winter seasons.

Our previous adventure "Kifouine un tour du monde en soliDaire” has left a profound mark on us. Today, we continue our commitment in three areas:

In the field of tourism, Voile Austral Expeditions: To make our team discover the Southern and Antarctic regions, during environmentally friendly amazing cruises.

In the field of association, La mer en SoliDaire : We take two disabled young people at least twice a year on an original project to connect with the sea,  to have an adventure and to explorer the limits of their abilities.

In the field science and nature, Sail Southern Nature: to participate in scientific research in the Southern regions, in the specialist areas of the researchers.